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    NYSAM Advocacy


    Update from MSSNY NYSAM delegate

    NYSAM's two resolutions were passed by MSSNY House of Delegates (“HOD”) at the
    MSSNY HOD Meeting held on April 8-10, 2011. The two resolutions were introduced by
    the delegate to MSSNY, Jun David, MD. One resolution asked that MSSNY support the 911
    Good Samaritan law that would provide immunity from arrest, charge, prosecution and
    conviction for drug and drug paraphernalia possession and for certain alcohol related offenses
    for individuals or victims of a health related emergency which results from consumption or
    use of a controlled substance or use of a controlled substance or alcohol and who have contacted
    911 in good faith to receive emergency medical treatment for themselves or another
    individual. The bill passed the Assembly last year, but not the Senate. With MSSNY on board, the
    bill passed both chambers and the Governor signed it in August.

    The second resolution reaffirmed MSSNY's commitment to work with the NYS Department
    of Health to reduce overdose deaths and expand naloxone access programs. Dr. Jun David,
    NYSAM's delegate to MSSNY introduced these resolutions and Dr. Norman Wetterau, the
    MSSNY delegate from The New York State Academy of Family Physicians (“NYSAFP”) joined
    Jun and others in arguing for these resolutions.

    We also argued against a resolution calling for drug legalization. Finally, a resolution on lowering
    the drinking age since age 21 was introduced. Due to our testimony. the resolution
    was not passed but referred to the Council and MSSNY addiction committee to look at the
    whole issue of ways to reduce underage drinking. MSSNY has a report titled “Youth at Risk”
    which outlines various suggestions.


    Report on Lobby Day June 7, 2010, another planned for May 2011

    NYSAM has been having annual lobby days which have been quite productive. One is planned for May 10 or 17, 2011. Here is a short report on our 2010 lobby day.

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